Taking control with a Content Management System

A Content Management System or CMS lets people without any coding knowledge change and create content on their website.

Editing your website with a CMS is as easy as logging in, finding the bit of content you want to change, altering it and hitting the save button. You don’t need any extra software either because it’s all done through your browser.

Taking control

With a CMS you can take control of image galleries, blogs and news sections. You can also add new pages to your website. A CMS helps you keep your website content fresh and up-to-date putting you in Google’s good books and potentially generating lots of interest in your business.

The alternative to a CMS is to employ a web designer or someone with HTML knowledge to make the changes for you, but that can often prove to be expensive and inconvenient.

Building a CMS into your website from the start will add a little more to the cost of your project but in the long term it will save you time and money and give you back control.

If you’ve already got a static website it’s possible to build a CMS into it. There’s usually no need to scrap your current site and start again if it’s working for you.

The CMS I work with is called Perch. Perch is powerful, reliable and exceptionally easy to use, it’s also widely used, well supported and constantly updated so it’s a very good choice for small business websites.

Get in touch if you’d like to chat about creating a website with a CMS or if you want to add one to your existing site.

Taking control with a Content Management System