The value of a maintenance contract

Last week I got a call from a local business who were in desperate need of help. Their website had been compromised and the people responsible had installed malware on it. As a result their hosting company had taken the site down.

It’s only the second time in the last five years I’ve experienced a compromised website. When it happens it can be pretty alarming and disconcerting for everyone involved. Having your site broken into and tampered with can feel like the online equivalent of being burgled, and the potential damage it can do to your business and your online reputation can be costly.

Part of the problem in this instance was that communication between the hosting company and the business owner was breaking down. Support teams can sometimes struggle to get complex technical issues across in simple terms, this isn’t a criticism, at times it’s very difficult to do, but when conversations break down it makes resolving a critical issue really tricky.

Thankfully on this occasion I was able to help and both parties came out of the incident unscathed and happy. The website is back online and the measures I’ve put in place will hopefully stop it happening again.

This is when having some kind of maintenance plan in place for your website can really pay off. As well as regular backups, improvements and updates a key part of the plan I offer covers liaising with hosting companies on issues like this, meaning any problems get fixed quickly and with the minimum of fuss.