Web design should always start with words

Words are the single most important part of any website but they can often be seen as an afterthought and an uncomfortable part of the whole web design process.

Web design should always start with words, John Robinson Design Stockport
Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash

Words aren’t as glamorous as full screen images, animation or video but the truth is that without the right combination of words crafted into a compelling message your website won’t be successful.

Words help to define your uniqueness and go a long way to establishing the personality of your brand.

Hiring a copywriter

The problem is writing really isn’t easy and a lot of people struggle to produce copy for their websites, so where there’s room in a budget I always encourage clients to get help from a professional copywriter.

A good copywriter will be able to help you produce words for all your marketing materials, not just your website. So if you need help writing blog posts, your email newsletter or some words for a brochure they should be able to turn their hand to that as well.

It’s important to make sure that whoever you hire has a good understanding of search engine optimisation. Words on a web page go a long way to defining where you rank in a search engine and ultimately that decides whether anyone actually gets to see your website.

Perhaps the most important thing is to make sure the copywriter understands you, your business, your brand and the marketing message you’re trying to get across. They need to be able to write words that fit your personality and are appropriate for your target audience.