Show your website some love

Just lately I’ve been making some changes to my website. Since I put it live nearly seven years ago I’ve lost count of how many updates I’ve made and even for someone who does this for a living it’s hard work!

Show your website some love, John Robinson Design Stockport
Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

It’s easy to think that once your website goes live the work is done and that new clients and orders will just roll in, but your website going live is really just the beginning.

As well as making sure your site still looks good and contains quality content there are all the tricky behind the scenes tasks like keeping your content management system up-to-date, backing up all your precious content and keeping an eye on Google’s search updates.

Protecting your investment

All this can get a bit overwhelming and sometimes the temptation is to do nothing and just leave your site to just chug away in the background doing its thing, but keeping your website fresh and up-to-date on an regular basis is a cost effective way of protecting your initial investment.

A common mistake I see small businesses make is to let their website collect dust for years and then have to start again with a brand new one. A little TLC here and there can bring an existing website back to life and save you all that extra time, money and hassle.

Improving your website

The monthly maintenance plans I offer cover off a lot of the challenging behind-the-scenes tasks and they also include a set period of time each month to make improvements to your website.

You could use that time for content updates, search engine optimisation or improvements to the way the site works. In fact you could use it for anything we identify as a priority.

If a monthly plan isn’t for you you can choose to make improvements to your website on a pay-as-you-go basis and it needn’t cost the earth!

So If you feel like your website is in need of a spring clean please get in touch, I’d love to help you blow away some of that dust!