Using illustrations on your website

We all know that good photography on websites can really help your business branding, but there are some occasions when filling your web pages with photos might not be the best option.

You may feel that the photos you’ve got aren’t of sufficient quality and you might not have the budget to hire a professional photographer or buy stock photography.

If you find yourself in this situation there are alternatives. If it’s appropriate for your business or organisation, you could try using illustrations?

I recently worked with Glossopdale Foodbank, a local charity organisation on a new logo, website and branding.

The Foodbank team were eager to make their new website look friendly, welcoming and positive, but unfortunately, they didn’t have a lot of photography to use. Rather than turning to stock images I suggested an illustrative approach.

Illustrations are really versatile. They can help to reinforce your branding and because they’re normally created as vector files they can be used at any size for both digital and print purposes.

Illustrations tend to load a lot quicker than photos and they also take up far less room so not only will your website see an improvement in speed you’ll save yourself some hosting space into the bargain!

Illustrations lend themselves really well to being animated so you could, for example, create a series of animated gifs for your social media channels and use them to promote specific events or offers.

For the Foodbank illustrations, I created a family of four people using very basic shapes and put them in a number of real-life situations such as volunteering, running a cake stall and handing out food parcels.

The illustrations lend a cohesion and consistency to the brand and the website. They compliment the logo and really help to give an air of approachability and positivity to the Foodbank’s message.

Foodbank Home Illustration

Foodbank Family Illustration

Foodbank Volunteering Illustration

Foodbank Business Illustration