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  • Sainsbury’s design heaven

    One of my Christmas presents this year was a copy of “Own Label”, a lovely book that showcases the work of Sainsbury’s design studio from 1962 to 1977.

  • My favourite design books

    One of my goals for this year is to add to my collection of design books. Books play a huge part in my day to day work in the studio. They can be a great source of help and inspiration, and I still enjoy picking up a book far more than reading the same material on a screen.

  • What to look for in Winter

    I’ve been looking for a good copy of Ladybird’s “What to look for in Winter” for a while and I was lucky enough to find one in Pages Books in Settle.

  • Ladybird Books

    Over the Christmas period there was a wonderful documentary on BBC4 called The Ladybird Books Story. You might still be able to catch it on iPlayer or possibly YouTube. It’s well worth watching for anyone who remembers the books fondly from their Primary School days.