Keep your website backed up

Last week a popular hosting company in the UK accidentally deleted a number of its client’s websites while doing some routine server maintenance.

Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash

As I’m writing this they’re still working on retrieving some of that data, with a warning that some of it might have been lost forever.

Obviously you can imagine the damage that this can do to a business. It’s vitally important that you have more than one copy of your website and you don’t rely on a hosting company to keep regular backups for you.

While incidents like this are rare it proves that if your only backup is on the live server then it’s not really a backup at all.

With a modern content managed website the two really important things to back up are the database that powers the site and any resources that you’ve added through your content management system like images.

If you’re on a maintenance plan with me I keep a backup of both your website’s database and resources. That’s done monthly and stored safely so you don’t need to do anything.

Don’t panic if you’re not on a maintenance plan because you’ll still have access to the Perch Backup App so you can do your own monthly backups.

The Perch Backup App can be found under the Apps menu when you log into Perch. I’d recommend backing up both your database and resources. Once the backup is complete you’ll get a zip file downloaded to your computer and you should keep this safe just in case the worst happens.