The worst afternoon tea

Last week we were in Snowdonia on a family holiday when I noticed this sign on the wall of the tearoom at Betws-y-Coed railway station.

Photo by me!

I thought it was really clever and there’s definitely something to be said for this kind of anti-marketing approach.

Everyone in the queue we were in pointed it out and laughed, some including me - took a photo. A negative review had been turned into a wonderful talking point. It showed me that there’s a mischievous side to whoever’s in charge and told me more about the personality of the people running the business than a glowing review ever could.

By pointing out that it was “one angry man” who’d had the bad experience it also subtly suggests that the other tourists who pass through Betws-y-Coed in the summer think their afternoon teas are perfectly fine.

I find that people are generally a bit skeptical when they see five star reviews and glowing recommendations used constantly in marketing. This approach is a gentle and humorous admission that we’re all human and that no matter how hard we try, not everyone’s going to love what we do.