BSI Scaffolding

Dynamic logo for a local scaffolding business

BSI Scaffolding Logo BSI Scaffolding Logo

About this project

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to brand a business based on the industry they’re in, particularly if that industry isn’t looked on as particularly sexy or exciting. Recently I was commissioned to create a new logo for BSI Scaffolding, a startup business based in Manchester and it was quite a challenge. How many famous Scaffolding logos can you think of?

From research, it was clear that Scaffolding company logos fall into two camps. Clipart style images of hard hat construction workers and very simple type only logos. From the existing logos I looked at neither of these two approaches was executed very well and they seemed to put the businesses very firmly in amateur ‘man with a van’ territory. I wanted to avoid this and give BSI a logo that reflected their owner’s experience and credentials.

I started to explore images of scaffolding and noticed a lot of triangular shapes and repeating patterns present in a scaffolding framework. I sketched a lot of different combinations of these shapes before I arrived at a simple graphic device which I paired with Burlingame Pro, a really interesting, modern and solid typeface.

Hopefully, this new logo will give BSI a great start. It should help to make them look like a well established, professional and safety conscious business.