Working with me

Before we go any further I think it’s a good idea to let you know what to expect when you work with me.

I’m an experienced web designer and I’ve been creating commercial websites since 1997. I treat every project that I work on with the utmost care, attention and respect and I spend a lot of time refining my skills, learning new techniques and reading about the latest innovations.

Creating great work, building a solid reputation and forging long lasting working relationships is at the centre of absolutely everything I do.

My approach to web design

All the websites I create are bespoke and created to meet the specific goals of your business. At the start of a web project we’ll fill in a short questionnaire together that asks questions about your business, your audience, your competitors, what makes you different and what you want your website to achieve. I use this information to create a written proposal for your project.


The detailed proposals I create for every website include:

The proposal is a flexible document so if there’s anything in it that you’re not sure about it can be easily amended until we’re both happy with it. Once you’ve given me the go ahead to start work on your project and you make the first payment then the proposal forms a contract and it’s all systems go.


When it comes to the cost of a web design project I need to get a good understanding of what you want me to do and the budget you have set aside for the project. I can then tell you what we can achieve together within that budget. Every project is different but generally the cost of creating a website with a built-in content management system starts from £1,500.

Extra costs

During the course of a project there may be some additional costs such as stock photography, web fonts or the purchasing of domain names and hosting. Where possible I’ll make you aware of any extra costs in the proposal.


An initial deposit of 50% of the overall cost is required to book a project and payment of the final 50% of the invoice is required before the website goes live.


The copyright for design work I create remains my property until I receive final payment for the project, at which point the website becomes your intellectual property.

What I don’t do

As a full-time professional I don’t get involved in speculative work or pitching for web projects and I always require a deposit before starting a project.