Hello, I’m John

I’m an experienced and approachable creative designer based in Stockport. Working from a home studio on the edge of the Peak Forest Canal I create logos, brand identities and websites that help small businesses to express themselves and grow.

John Robinson, an experienced web designer and developer from Stockport

I originally trained as a Graphic Designer back in the late 1980s when Apple Macs were little beige boxes and people still used Letraset and Magic Markers. Since then I’ve created effective design work for all kinds of businesses.

Successful design projects are always the result of a good working relationship. I like to get to know my clients really well so I can create design work that carefully represents their personality, values and goals.

I’m proud that the majority of my work comes from referrals and existing clients – a sign that people value my skills and approach.

In my spare time, I enjoy kicking a ball around in the park with my daughter Hannah, feeding the birds, wearing a variety of hats (physically and metaphorically) and listening to The Beatles.

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