John Delany Motors

Logo for Stockport’s largest independent car garage

John Delany Motors Logo John Delany Motors Logo John Delany Motors Logo on workwear

About this project

Established in 1980 John Delany Motors is the largest independent car garage in Stockport. Working with Brittany from John Delany’s Marketing department I created a new identity for the business.

I looked at the branding of a lot of car garages and they seemed to fall into two distinct camps. There was either no branding at all with the company name set out in Helvetica or they’d used cartoon characters and clip art style graphics of car parts to create an identity.

There was obviously a real opportunity to help John Delany Motors stand out as a quality, forward-thinking business along the lines of Kwik Fit and Halfords, two household names whose branding is clean, simple, contemporary and friendly.

The new John Delany Motors logo plays on the classic car badges used by luxury car brands by incorporating wings at either side of the word ‘Motors’. This is a nod to the traditions of the business and it’s also designed to hint at the prestigious brands that the company works with.