Breathing new life into a website

In the summer I did some work on a website for Rosanna Gordon, a Yoga practitioner from Liverpool. Rosanna had a fixed budget but she wanted to make some quick improvements to her website so it reflected her branding.

Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash

It wasn’t the right time for a complete redesign so we talked about what I could do over the space of an hour or two to improve the way her website looked and performed.

Rosanna’s website is based on a simple WordPress theme and some of the styling has become a little inconsistent over time. This can happen when text and images get pasted straight into a freeform content editor rather than into dedicated and structured content fields.

I had a look at the website and made a list of suggestions, Rosanna then decided on the work she wanted me to do.

Striving for consistency

My first task was to produce a consistent set of styles for some of the most commonly used elements on the website like headings, links and testimonials.

Rosanna wanted to keep the banner at the top of her website so I recreated that with a font that was easier to read, adding a subtle gradient to it for extra impact. I chose a font that had a web equivalent so I could also use it as a consistent style for headings within the website.

Rosanna’s newsletter signup form is the main call to action on her website but it didn’t really stand out and was only on the homepage. I restyled it to be more attention grabbing and included it in each page template so no matter what page a visitor lands on they can sign up to the newsletter.

The last task was to add Rosanna’s contact details to the footer. People don’t always land on your contact page so it makes sense to list your details in a consistent place on every page of your website.

Ideas for future improvements

There’s a lot more I’d like to do with Rosanna’s website. The layout of each page could be improved so it’s slightly easier to read and we could use images that occupy the full width of the columns and containers. I’d also really like to make the whole process of editing and adding content easier for Rosanna with a tool like advanced custom fields.

The improvements I’ve made didn’t take long and have made a real difference. Small jobs can help to breathe new life into a website and keep it fresh and relevant particularly when they’re done on a regular basis.

I can help with this kind of work as part of a regular support package. The support package is really useful and great value for money. For £50 a month you’ll get updates, support with your hosting, full website backups and an hours worth of small design or administrative tasks.

If you want to talk about doing a few tweaks to your website or a support package let’s have a chat and see what’s best for you.