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  • Using illustrations on your website

    We all know that good photography on websites can really help your business branding, but there are some occasions when filling your web pages with photos might not be the best option.

  • New logo for John Delany Motors

    Established in 1980 John Delany Motors is the largest independent car garage in Stockport and is well known for providing local motorists with a quality service. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with Brittany from John Delany’s Marketing department to create a new identity for the business.

  • Logo Archive

    British Freelance Designer Rich Baird has started a Logo Archive where he curates and showcases hundreds of classic logos, symbols and monograms.

  • Web design should always start with words

    Words are the single most important part of any website but they can often be seen as an afterthought and an uncomfortable part of the whole web design process.

  • My logo design process

    There’s a misconception that design work starts at the computer and that designers have a constant stream of ideas on tap just waiting to be channelled into something amazing with Creative Suite.

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