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  • Winter photography

    Normally at this time of the year I like to post photos that I’ve taken over the Christmas holidays. However, the weather was such a washout over this festive period that I didn't really get chance to dust off my camera and head out.

  • Epic Dale

    I’ve just returned from a short break to the Yorkshire Dales, one of my favourite parts of Britain. As well as providing a welcome change of scenery I managed to blow the cobwebs off my camera and head out into the hills.

  • Vintage signs, logos and typography

    Here are some really beautiful examples of vintage signs, logos and typography all shot by Al with her phone.

  • Can I use that image on my site?

    When you’re looking for photography to use on your website it can be tempting to do a quick Google image search, find a suitable photo and upload it to your website. The image is on Google. It’s in the public domain. So I can use it, right?

  • Textures Flickr Set

    There’s a real beauty to old structures that have been worn down over time. They usually contain a lot of vivid colours and patterns and they often make great photographic subjects. Here are some from my Flickr account, shot around Stockport.

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