The beauty of winter

3rd March 2021

Back in November of last year I wrote a short blog post extolling the virtues of nature walks when you work from home. Shortly before Christmas I discovered that my phone has a built in health app that records how many steps I take, so I started challenging myself to see how far I could walk each day.

Getting out in the Winter months can be difficult. Sometimes it’s tempting to just sit in front of the fire with a cup of tea but I pushed myself out into the cold and as a result I’m a bit fitter than I was before Christmas.

I’ve also been able to document some of the beautiful weather conditions we’ve experienced this Winter. I’ve included a few of those photos in this post. I hope you enjoy them.

Narrowboats on Marple canal in Winter.

A black and white photo of the canal towpath with light snow coming down.

A black and white photo of holly leaves covered in Frost.

A photo of narrowboats at Top Lock, Marple on a snowy morning with sun breaking through clouds.

Narrowboat moored up at Lock 23 on Marple Canal with dawn light shining on the side of the boat.

Frozen trees at the Roman Lakes

A black and white photo of frozen ivy leaves.

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