Starting your working day with a nature walk

With everything that’s happened this year I managed to miss a bit of a milestone. I’ve been running my business in one form or another for a whole ten years. A decade. It sounds like an awfully long time when you put it like that.

Early morning light hits some newly moored Narrowboats

It’s been challenging but great fun. I’ve worked with some lovely people and hopefully I’ve made a real difference to their businesses and their lives.

You probably already know that I work from home and it’s something that a lot of people are quickly having to adjust to. There are a lot of articles out there about working from home but this isn’t one of them. I just wanted to quickly talk about something that’s worked for me over the years; getting out into nature and starting the day with a walk.

Years ago I worked in Manchester and I had a bit of a trek from the train station to the office. That walk kept me active and gave me time to think about what I had to do that day and what I wanted to achieve.

When you work from home there’s a temptation to get up, have something to eat and get straight to work but I found out pretty quickly that I needed some time before getting stuck into my tasks.

Lately I’ve been using my early morning walk to get back into photography and it feels really good to combine exercise and creativity. At this time of year the best parts of the day are often first thing in the morning.

It’s been a really beautiful Autumn here in Marple with lots of striking colour and fantastic weather conditions and so I wanted to share some of my photography with you. You can see more of this kind of thing over on my Instagram account.

In these strange times it’s reassuring to get out and see the changing seasons and nature getting on with its business. So, if you’re new to working from home try and get a morning walk into your routine. It’ll give you time to reflect, a chance to exercise and who knows maybe some lovely photos?

Memorial park marple autumn mist

A beautiful Willow stands out in the surrounding mist

All saints church bell tower marple autumn

The setting sun lights up the bell tower at All Saints Church

Memorial park marple fog sun

Sun breaks through the mist in Memorial Park

Narrowboat light autumn marple

Golden light hits the trees on the canal towpath

Memorial park marple autumn colour

Beautiful colours on display in Memorial park

Tree reflections on early autumn day

Tree reflections on an early Autumn day