Cleaning up old blog posts

Keeping a blog section relevant and useful is another key part of running a website. I often get asked what to do with old blog posts. Depending on the state of the information in the post you have a few options.

Photo by Janko Ferlič - @specialdaddy on Unsplash

Update the content

If the information in the post is still relevant and it gets a lot of visitors then it’s worth keeping it and updating anything that is slightly out of date.

Merge the content

If you have several posts that are all written around the same topic and they’re all focussed on the same keywords you could merge them together to create a new post. This means you’ll avoid potentially competing with yourself in search results.

Delete the content

Some blog posts stop being useful after a few years. An example could be a post that reviews a product or service which isn’t available any more. If you have posts like this and the information in them is no longer relevant or accurate then you need to think about deleting them.

Using redirects

It’s important to remember that some of your posts might be linked to from other websites and they’ll probably be indexed in Google, so when you delete or merge old posts you should think about redirecting them to a more useful and relevant post. By doing this you’ll preserve any search engine value that those posts have built up over time and you’ll also avoid presenting your visitors with any nasty 404 errors.