Contact page tips and advice

If the main focus of your website is to generate enquiries for your products or services then your Contact page is really important.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

For a Contact page to work properly you need to think about the kind of business you own and how your customers might want to get in touch with you.

Here are some tips and advice on what I think makes a good contact page.

Keep your form short, simple and clear

If you use a contact form it’s important to keep it short and easy to use. A name, email and message field will often be enough to make that first contact with a customer. When it comes to the design of your Contact page keep it really, really simple and avoid any unnecessary clutter or distractions.

Make sure your contact form is responsive

With more mobile searches being done than ever before your contact form and your website need to be responsive. You want to be absolutely sure that anyone using your website on a smartphone or tablet can send you a message quickly and easily.

Make it easy to find

Your contact page should be linked to from your website’s main navigation and named either Contact or Contact Us. Don’t make people search for the page or give it an obscure name. As well as placing a link in the main navigation you could also put one in the footer so at the bottom of long pages people will be able to get to it easily without scrolling back to the top.

Think about what contact details would be useful for your potential customers

Think about how your potential customers might want to contact you. Put an email address and any telephone numbers you use on your contact page as well as the form. Give people a number of different ways to get in touch with you.

If you’re a business with a physical location then adding your postal address, a map and a list of opening times can be really useful. Consider placing your telephone number and other contact details in the footer area at the bottom of each page.

Acknowledge receipt of the message

When someone’s filled in your contact form and sent you a message it’s courteous to acknowledge it and thank them for their enquiry. It’s also a good idea to tell people how long it will be before you reply. Once the form is submitted you could add something along the lines of …”Thank you for your message. We aim to deal with all online enquiries within 24 hours…” to the forms success message.