Creating a consistent style for your social posts

15th April 2021

It can be really difficult for small businesses to stand out properly on social media. There’s a lot of noise and so many people and brands vying for attention. One way you can improve engagement is to set up a consistent graphic design style across the different channels.

I recently helped Liverpool based Yoga practitioner Rosanna Gordon to do exactly this.

Identifying posts and creating templates

We started by identifying the type of social posts Rosanna created on a regular basis. From there I set up a number of layered Affinity Photo files with instructions on where to drop new images. Affinity Photo is a superb graphics application currently available for the ridiculous one-off price of £25. It puts really powerful photo editing tools in the hands of consumers and small businesses.

An affordable and convenient solution

After designing the original templates for Facebook I created a set for Twitter and Instagram. For fonts I used PT Serif and Oswald so Rosanna could use them without incurring any extra costs.

Rosanna can now create new social media graphics without paying for the services of a designer.

Yoga quotes template for Rosanna Gordon.

Yoga quotes template for Rosanna Gordon.

Yoga sports services for Rosanna Gordon.

One to One Classes image for Rosanna Yoga

Let’s work together on a design project

I love to work with businesses who have a positive impact on the world and see the value of great design. If you need some help with a web design or branding project I’d love to hear from you.

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