Don’t get locked out of your website

I had a call this week from a small business owner whose web designer friend had passed away suddenly.

Photo by Chauncey Sims on Unsplash

Quite apart from the obvious sadness and shock of losing his friend there was another pressing issue. He had no access to any of his website details. No logins, passwords or contact details for either his domain name or his web hosting.

I’ve dealt with a lot of calls like this over the years and my heart goes out to people in this situation because wrestling back control of your website, particularly when neither your domain or your hosting is registered in your name, can be a long, painful process.

So this is a timely reminder to make sure that everything is registered to you and that you have a copy of all the details stored safely.

Here’s what you need to know:

Your Content management system

If your website is built with a content management system like WordPress then make sure you keep a copy of your login details so you can easily log back into it if you have to replace your computer or you accidentally clear the login information from your web browser.

Your domain name

If someone is purchasing and registering a domain on your behalf make sure:

Your hosting

If someone is purchasing web hosting on your behalf make sure:

It’s a good idea to create an electronic copy of all this information and store it securely. The ideal solution here is cloud based Password Management software like 1Password or LastPass. This will allow you to access the key information from any of your devices.