New brand identity for Marple Drama

Working with renowned local actor Naomi Radcliffe I created a dynamic new identity for the group and made some aesthetic and functional changes to their website.

Naomi needed a brand identity that was aligned to the group’s philosophy of developing honest and truthful acting skills in young people.

Inspiration from Aristotle and the Plaza

I started by thinking about the essence of drama and read an article about how Greek philosopher Aristotle came to the conclusion that there were six elements of drama - plot, character, thought, diction, spectacle, and song. This gave me an idea to represent these six elements as interesting shapes throughout the logo and the branding.

Marple drama sketches

Sketched ideas for the Marple Drama branding

Working with these shapes also led me to thinking about theatre auditoriums and so I looked at the seating plan from one of my locals, Stockport Plaza. The stalls at the Plaza curve round into what looks like a D shape and so I thought that would work well as a graphic device.

The D works well on its own so it can be used in favicons or profile images for social media. The colour scheme for the branding was led by the original colours of the website. I didn’t feel the need to change them because orange is a really energetic colour and combined with black it looks stunning. I did however introduce a gradient to give it a little depth and impact.

marple drama combined

Representing an organisation properly through their branding is a real challenge but it’s something I really enjoy.