2nd June 2023

New brand identity forged for Colebarn

I recently had the pleasure of working with Colebarn Developments, a luxury interior design company based in Derbyshire. Colebarn’s experienced team of craftsmen work out of an old Blacksmith’s Forge known locally as “The Stable Smithy” creating beautifully handcrafted kitchens, bedrooms and interiors.

When I was asked to reimagine their branding I had the idea to link it to the Stable Smithy. The logo I created uses geometric shapes that would have been found in the ironwork produced in the Forge. This approach creates a unique identity that reflects Colebarn’s values of timeless craftsmanship and attention to detail.

There are three variations of the logo and each one could be used to give the branding a fresh feel across different applications.

A logo for Colebarn Developments.

A logo for Colebarn Developments overlaid onto a photograph of a contemporary kitchen.

Three logos for Colebarn Developments. A series of geometric shapes in white on a gold background.