22nd February 2023

What makes a great logo?

A good logo is a vital part of your branding and it needs to represent your business in a strong, concise and elegant way. So what makes a good logo? Well, once you know who your logo should speak to and what it needs to say there are some principles you need to consider.


A good logo needs to be simple, well thought out and clutter-free. Ideally, it needs to be instantly memorable as people will only glance at it. It’s only us designers that spend a lot of time studying them! If I can create a logo that I can easily draw I know I’m on my way to making something that works.


Your logo could appear on everything from T-shirts to business cards so it needs to work at a variety of different sizes. At the end of a logo design project, I produce a branding book showing the logo in a variety of different scenarios. From its simplest form as a black logo, to how it might appear on a website or advertising board.


Back in the late 90s drop shadows and 3D effects were all the rage in logo design. Personally, I don’t think design trends have any place in branding as they can date a logo very quickly. If you aim for something timeless you won’t have the hassle of rebranding again in a few years. Over time consistency in your branding gives people that feeling of familiarity and helps to build trust.

Humour, warmth and personality

Ultimately, you’re looking for a logo that reflects your personality and values. Don’t be afraid of creating something different, even if your industry has traditionally done things in a certain way. In recent years a lot of logos, like Amazon’s, have used faces to connect with their audience. Putting some warmth and personality into your logo can help you stand out and make that connection.