Dealing with website form spam

Did you know that Spam accounts for 45% of all emails sent? When you’re trying to run a business spam can be a really unpleasant distraction.

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

If you’ve got a form on your website it’s possible that sooner or later you’re going to get spam messages through it.

Dealing with spam can be annoying, confusing and time consuming. Spam can also contain dangerous malware and viruses so sorting through it is really not how you want to be spending your time.

I’ve found that the best way of eliminating form spam is by using Akismet, a spam filtering service. Akismet works by combining information about spam captured on all the websites it’s used on and then it uses that information to block future spam.

Akismet is really easy to use. You purchase a key code for it and enter that into your content management system along with any special settings that your contact form plug-in might require and it then sits in the background working its magic.

As well as dealing with spam from your website forms Akismet will also prevent spam from ending up in the comments section of your blog posts.

Akismet has become a tool I use on my own website and I strongly recommend it to people who are just about to launch a website. Akismet saves an awful lot of time and stress and it works remarkably well.