Does my website really need an SSL certificate?

27th May 2019

A SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate encrypts the connection between a browser and your web server. When you land on a website which uses an SSL certificate you see a padlock next to the website address.

A few years ago the only websites that really used SSL certificates were e-commerce websites.

Since Google marked the use of SSL certificates as a ranking factor more website owners are using them.

A positive impression of your business

So if you’re not selling online do you really need to use an SSL certificate? Personally, I’d say yes and here’s why.

Using an SSL certificate on your website gives your customers a positive impression of your business. It shows that you’ve gone that extra mile to make your website safe for them to use.

SSL encrypts information such as names, email addresses and phone numbers. If you don’t use an SSL certificate your website gets marked as ‘not secure’ and that might scare people off.

Google acknowledges that websites that use an SSL certificate get a better ranking than those that don’t.

How do I get a SSL certificate?

You might already have a free SSL certificate included as part of your website hosting. It’s worth checking with your hosting company or web designer.

What options are there?

Premium SSL certificates are also available that might be more appropriate for your business. Premium SSL certificates differ from free certificates in a few key areas:

  • They add an extra level of trust and integrity to your website
  • They are compatible with any hosting service as well as self-managed or dedicated servers
  • Premium SSL certificates include warranty protection which acts as a form of insurance against getting hacked

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